PUBG Mobile Lite Launched in India |New Features, Direct Download Link

PUBG Mobile Lite Launched in India |New Features, Direct Download Link
PUBG Mobile Lite Launched in India: Earlier this month PUBG had launched PUBG PC Lite version in India with Indian Servers. Today PUBG Mobile has also launched the Lite version of the game for mobile phones. This new PUBG Mobile Lite will run smoothly on 2GB ram phones and provide smooth gameplay experience.

Players Unknown Battle Ground formerly known as PUBG is the most popular game in India right now. PUBG Mobile has been downloaded 100,000,000+ times. Although PUBG Mobile is meant for mobile phones but due to high GPU & CPU demand most users in India who use midrange smartphones, don’t get smooth gameplay experience. If you take a deep look in mobile phone selling pattern in India then you will find that midrange smartphones are selling like hotcakes. So, PUBG Mobile makers saw an opportunity to expand their market even more. That’s why PUBG Mobile Lite came in place.

PUBG Mobile Lite Features (0.12.0):

PUBG Mobile Lite comes in just 400 MB for its installer package and designed to run smoothly in less than 2GB ram phones.
PUBG Mobile lite offers a smaller version of maps where 60 people can join instead of 100 people and the game will complete in almost 10 minutes.
PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India with a new update 0.12.0. In this update, some new features are added to enhance the overall gameplay quality.
1. Aim Assist:
Aim assist has been enhanced in this update. Aim assist makes aiming simpler and better on weaker connections.
2. RPG & New Gun:
PUBG Mobile Lite Launched in India |New Features, Direct Download Link

 New gun “RPG 7” full form is Rocket Propelled Grenade. It is basically a rocket launcher. I am very excited about this gun.
3. New Vehicle: 
New vehicle “Buggy” is introduced to PUBG Mobile Lite in this version.
4. Healing while moving: 
This feature can change your gameplay pattern. Now you can move while you are healing, this works in all position except prone. This feature is from PUBG PC.
5. Looting density:
 As the maps are smaller in PUBG Mobile Lite than PUBG Mobile that’s why looting density has been increased.
6. Recoil Pattern: 
The lite version of PUBG Mobile has lower weapon recoil pattern than the main game to provide simple and smooth gameplay.
7. Spectate Friends: 
You can now spectate your friend’s gameplay. You can check his rank and how many people are watching him.
8. Change cross Hair Colour:
 You can now change the red dot, 2x,3x crosshair colours in the new update.

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So, they have tried their best to optimize the game according to the requirement. Due to smaller maps, less player in a single match and simplified graphics the game will run butter smooth on a low-end budget smartphones.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite:

You don’t need any rocket science to download the game. PUBG Mobile Lite is officially available in India. So you can directly over there and download. Depending your internet speed it should take 10-20 minutes to download. For your convenience, I am giving a direct link to download the game right away.


So, are you guys are excited about new PUBG Mobile Lite? You wanna play this game or you are happy with PUBG Mobile original version. Let me know in the comment section below. Share this post with your friends who are going to play new PUBG Mobile Lite.

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