Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof

Halaplay Referral code JsWbSxKGS, use this referral code and get instant Rs. 50 and another 50 when you participate in a paid league. So, you will get total Rs.100 if you use JsWbSxKGS this Halaply refer code while signing up on Halaplay. You can also use my Dream11 and Fanfight referral code for cash bonus. You can win real money by using your knowledge in sports like Cricket, Football, Kabadi etc. by Halaplay. The referral code is just for a kick start for your cash winning journey.
Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof

Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS

Halaplay is a DFS system (Daily Fantasy System). Now what exactly is DFS is, so according to Halaplay Website: “Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are a subset of fantasy sports games. As with traditional fantasy sports games, players compete against others by building a team of professional athletes from a particular league or competition while remaining under a salary cap, and earn points based on the actual statistical performance of the players in real-world competitions”.
You can check out my article:  Halaplay Tips & Tricks   To get a complete idea on Halaplay and how to win money. I have shared some valuable tips and tricks which I am following to win money.

How to get Halaplay Referral Code Bonus:

Just follow these steps cautiously to get Rs. 100 instant cash bonus by my Halaplay referral code.
1. First of all, go to HalaPlay Website to download the official Halaplay Apk file (You will not get Halaplay App on play store or App store because Google doesn’t encourage fantasy game). Here is the direct link to download.

                          Download Halaplay App
2. Now install the App on your phone and sign up using email id or you can directly signup by Google or Facebook account.
Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS
Now enter the refer code in the “I have referral Code” section to get Rs. 50 instantly. Once you complete the registration successfully you will get Rs. 50 in your account.
3. Now, whenever you will participate in any paid league you will get another Rs. 50 in your account.
4. You can use the Promo Code: WELCOME. To get a 50% bonus on your first deposit in HalaPlay App.

Halaplay Refer & Earn Program:

Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof

You can find your Halaplay referral code by going to the Refer & Earn section on Halaplay App. Just share the referral code to your friends and tell them to follow the steps as I mentioned above.
1. You and your friend will earn Rs. 50 when they join Halaplay using your refer code.
2. You can invite unlimited friends.
3. The referral bonus will be released into your account as soon as your friend joins any paid league on Halaplay.
4. The referral program works only on Halaplay Android & iOS App.

Halaplay App Payment Proof:

A lot of people has confusion about these apps whether these apps are genuine or not? I have faced many questions in Quora about Halaplay and Dream11, most of the questions were whether these apps are trustworthy or not? So let me tell you, these apps are 100% genuine, I have personally used them and I haven’t faced any problem till date. Don’t worry I am about to show you my Halaplay payment proof. First of all, to take payment from Halaplay you must follow these rules.
1. You cannot withdraw cash bonus. (Earned from Referral code)
2.  You have to verify your PAN card before taking withdraw.
3. You have to withdraw at least Rs. 300. You can’t withdraw less than Rs. 300.
Here I am including my Halaplay payment dashboard screenshots.
Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof

Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof

Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof

So, I hope you guys can have a clear idea about Halaplay. They give payment. Everything is crystal clear. No scam or such things happen here at least in Halaplay.

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Halaplay is Best Fantasy App:

There are many fantasy apps are available in the market. Dream11, Fanfight, My11Circle and many others. I have used almost all of them but in my opinion, Halaplay is the best fantasy app. There are many reasons.
1. Firstly & most importantly you can use your cash bonus 100% to enter in a league.
2. You can change your team even after the toss.
3. Halaplay shows in the app which player is going to play in the particular match. So there is no chance to pick any player who is not playing the match.
4. You can play reverse leagues also. In which whoever gains the least point, he/she will be the winner.
5. You can withdraw cash in any bank account directly, there is no need to upload bank statement or other things.
6. You can create your own private league and play with your friends.
7. You can play cricket, football & kabaddi in Halaplay.
8. You can earn unlimited cash bonus by sharing referral code to others & use the cash bonus to win money by participating in leagues.

Halaplay Point System:

Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof
Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof
Halaplay Refer Code: JsWbSxKGS: Halaplay Payment Proof

So, guys, I hope you liked my article post. I have discussed Halaplay in this Halaplay Tips & Tricks article too. You can check this out too. Use my Halaplay referral code JsWbSxKGS and get Rs. 100 instantly in your Halaplay account. You can use them 100% to participate in any paid leagues. In short, you don’t have to invest any single penny and start earning!!

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