Best Tumblr Alternatives for Uncensored Content

Best Tumblr Alternatives | you are probably here because Tumblr has banned NSFW adult content on their site. So here are some best Tumblr alternatives for uncensored content. On December 27, 2018, Tumblr updated its terms and policy in which they have mentioned NSFW, pornography & adult content will be not allowed.   
Tumblr Alternatives

After the new update, Tumblr started to remove unwanted content with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence.) Although the AI is so pathetic that Tumblr marked its own post as unwanted content.
According to Tumblr, they are banning adult content to make Tumblr more clean and positive place. But people started leaving Tumblr after the new policy. Around 400k people signed petition against Tumblr for banning NSFW content.

There were many people on Tumblr who like to follow nudist, exhibitionist, cuckold couples and explore their sexual fantasies. There were many groups, pages regarding many NSFW contents related to sexual things. For more Tumblr users Tumblr was a very safe and secure place to discover themselves. So after abandoning Tumblr, people need to find new best Tumblr alternatives, where there are no limitations, no boundaries.

Tumblr Alternatives:

There are lots of social media or platforms available but you should not join them instantly. You should read their terms & policies, disclaimer etc to make a decision. If you were following some creator on Tumblr, then I will suggest you find him/her on other social media accounts. You can follow them there. Another nice option is Reddit. You will find everything there without any restriction starting from adult photos to videos. If you are a creator from Tumblr and thinking to move on a new platform. I will recommend you to back up or export you all of the data.
Here are some best Tumblr alternatives:


Tumblr Alternative
adsbygoogle.js can be a great replacement for Tumblr. Pillowfort is a newly designed platform which is user-friendly. Let you upload photos, videos, gifs everything without any restrictions. Although it is still in Beta so you can get hiccups as of now. Also, you need to pay a small fee to join, although you can join in demo version before paying anything. I got an error while signing up in Pillowfort due to high traffic on the website.


Newgrounds is a pretty old website. Newgrounds is there for almost two decades. That’s why you can find the UI (User Interface) or design is old school. But in Newgrounds, you have to freedom to post anything you want. This can be a great Tumblr alternative for NSFW and adult content. Newgrounds has seen a spike in signups after the ban of NSFW contents on Tumblr.  


Mastodon is free, self-hosted, open-source platform. Mastodon has launched 3 years ago 16th March 2016. Eugen Rochko is the developer of Mastodon. Mastodon is a microblogging platform just like Twitter and Weibo. Just like tweets on Twitter, you can post “toots” on Mastodon. Toots can be made private only for the followers or public open to all as per the content creator wish. This seems to be a bit confusing for the first time, but you will get habituated and addicted once you start posting “toots” o Mastodon. Thus, Mastodon can be a great alternative to Tumblr.


Tumblr Alternatives

MeWe is an American social media platform, launched in 2012 by Mark Weinstein. MeWe has all the potential to be alternative to Tumblr. MeWe is well designed, user-friendly & really good social media platform. You can post anything on MeWe without any restriction. There are pages, groups, group chats everything just like Tumblr and Facebook. MeWe offers up to 8 GB of storage to an individual to store photos, videos, gifs online, up to 500 GB of storage is available.


Tumblr Alternatives

After the new updated terms & policy of Tumblr, every other social media and blogging platform is going crazy to get those traffic of Tumblr. That’s why Ghost is touting themselves as a best Tumblr alternative. According to the official website “Hello Tumblr users! — We’ve just updated this page based on the recent Tumblr news.” Actually, Ghost is a blogging platform just like Blogger and Wordpress. They are non-profit organisation building open source technology for journalism. Ghost was founded 6 years ago on April 2013.

Best Tumblr Blogging Alternatives 2019:

1. Blogger:

Tumblr Alternatives

Blogger is a product of tech giant Google. Blogger is simple and sorted place for the people who just want to blog without getting into so much technicality. You can create up to 100 blogs per Google account. You can monitor comments, visitors per day, traffic source, and top pages of your blog by Blogger easily. But there are many downsides also. You cannot host your website into your server. There are limited plugins available to Blogger. You don’t have that much of independence in terms of customisation of the blog in comparison to Word press.

2. WordPress:

Best Tumblr Alternatives

If you are into blogging, it’s not possible that if haven’t heard about WordPress. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world right now. WordPress was launched in May 2003. Since then there is no looking back. Wordpress offers you everything that you will need to make a beautiful website. Tons of themes, plugins available for WordPress. Who are into professional blogging they always prefer WordPress over Blogger. But you need to have a hosting to host your WordPress website, unlike Blogger. That’s why I can say WordPress is a perfect Tumblr alternative in terms of blogging.

3. Medium – a place to read and write big ideas and important stories:

Medium is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation. Medium is one of the popular blogging platforms. Medium gains popularity in a very short time due to its simplistic approach and simple interface. Medium supports keyboard shortcuts, sharing links, minimalistic text editor, tags etc. Medium can be a great Tumblr alternative. Medium always encourages good & genuine content creators. Medium has some downside also like Medium doesn’t support any type of customisation, no support of Google Analytics.
After the update of terms & policy of Tumblr, many platforms has the opportunity to get those Tumblr users. If you are sad about Tumblr’s policy, then no worry guys I have listed all the platforms that can be the best Tumblr alternative for you.   

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