PUBG Lite Global Release Date & New Features

PUBG Lite Global Release Date & New Features

PUBG Lite became immensely popular once it was launched on January 24, 2019, for the Beta test. There are a number of reasons behind PUBG Lite success. Firstly you need a high spec pc to play PUBG PC but PUBG Lite runs smoothly (constant 60 fps) on mediocre spec too. Secondly, there are many who don’t want to play buggy and not optimized PUBG Mobile on their pc. To solve these problems Bluehole Team launched a beautifully balanced game PUBG Lite where you can get the flavors of PUBG PC without having a high spec pc.

PUBG Lite Global Release Plans:

On January 24, 2019 PUBG Lite was launched in Thailand only. Slowly the developers have released PUBG Lite to 9 countries (Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Singapore).

PUBG Mobile Lite Launched in India |New Features, Direct Download Link

The developers have mentioned in their official website about their plans to release PUBG Lite globally writing as March Dev Letter. In this letter, they revealed their aims for a Steam release. Basically Steam is a multi-player gaming platform where you can download and install games across multiple computers. Steam also offers community features such as friend lists and groups and in-game voice and chat functionality and many more. So the wait will be over and gamers can play PUBG Lite without any hassle. However, they haven’t announced the exact date of PUBG Lite global release but it is expecting to release soon (March or early April).

PUBG Lite New Features:

According to the March Dev Letter, the developers have received plenty of valuable feedbacks from the streamers and gamers across these 10 countries I have mentioned earlier and they are working on that. Hopefully, they will analyze the feedbacks work on them before the global release and come out with a wonderful game. So that we can enjoy the game fullest.   
PUBG Lite is introducing three new guns.

1. Beryl M76- Modern Polish assault rifle:

Beryl M762 is a versatile assault rifle (AR) which has higher firing speed than AKM. However, the damage per bullet is less than other 7.62 mm assault rifle. But Beryl M782 earns more point in terms of attachment. It has lower rail where you can attach angled foregrip, vertical grip or light grip to reduce recoil.

PUBG Lite Global Release Date & New Features


Hit Damage: 47
Initial Bullet Speed: 715 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power: 10,000
Time between Shots: 0.086
Firing Modes: Single, Burst, Auto

Mk47 Mutant:

The Mk47 Mutant assault rifle type weapon coming to PUBG Lite. This rifle is capable of firing in single and burst fire modes. This game is very effective in close range scenario. It can hold up to 20 rounds of 7.62 mm bullets but you can upgrade up to 30 rounds by the extended magazine.  

PUBG Lite Global Release Date & New Features


Hit Damage: 49
Initial Bullet Speed: 780 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power: 10,000
Firing Modes: Single, Burst
Method: Magazine

SLR - Classic semi-automatic long rifle:

The SLR is DMR (Designated Marksman’s Rifle) type weapon. This gun is effective for long range combat. This semi-automatic rifle capable of shooting 7.62 mm bullets. This gun is a replacement of SKS. It is more powerful than SKS at the expanse of more recoil. It lacks the attachment point of any grip, the user must have the skill of controlling the recoil.

PUBG Lite Global Release Date & New Features


Hit Damage: 58
Initial Bullet Speed: 840 m/s
Body Hit Impact Power: 20,000
Zero Range: 100 - 500
Time between Shots: 0.100s
Firing Modes: Semi-auto
Method: Magazine

Gun Stat Source: GamePedia

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New Weapon Attachments:

PUBG Lite Global Release Date & New Features

The developers adding some more new attachment to PUBG Lite before the global release. They are adding two new scopes 3x and 6x to take the full advantage of newly added weapons. Also, they are adding some more attachments of guns like grips, duckbills (shotgun attachment).

A Dynamic Parachute System:

According to the March Dev Letter, they are adding a new parachute system to PUBG Lite. A realistic parachute system that requires you to be spontaneous and creative in your survival tactics under a wide variety of situations in the air. This new feature will give players more controls of the character’s movement when parachuting down, such as speed and direction.
According to PUBG Lite Dev Team

They are working a couple of more features:

1.  Flare Gun:

PUBG Lite Global Release Date & New Features

With the help of Flare Gun, you can call an aircraft with special crate consist of superior guns as well as an armored UAZ. But using a flare gun will reveal your spot to your enemies as they can see the spark.

2. Improved Item Balance:

Weapons are very necessary for survival and protection on the battleground. Developers are increasing AR and DMRs spawn rate in PUBG Lite. They are also increasing vehicle spawn rate for a more convenient and quickly move to the player’s desired place.

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