How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lag in Any Android Phone

In this article I will discuss How to Fix PUBG Mobile Lag in Any Android Phone. Player Unknown's battle Ground or famously known as PUBG is a battle royale game. Basically, in this game, 100 players jump from a plane into an island and the last player standing on the island wins the game. PUBG gets more popularity when its mobile version launched for smartphones PUBGM by Tencent Games. However PUBG Mobile has various bugs and glitches which ruins the experience. I have seen many people complaining about the lag although they have flagship smartphone like Samsung Note 9. So sit back and relax just follow the steps mentioned below. I bet you will notice a difference.
Pubg mobile lag fix

Basic Requirements of PUBG Mobile (for playing without lag):

Operating System: Android 5.1 or Higher Version
Storage: 5 GB Free
Processor: Kirin 655 or higher/ Snapdragon 430
GPU: Mali T830 or higher/ Adreno 505

Basic PUBG Lag Fix (Optimisation):

1. Before starting the game just reboot your phone once which will kill all background apps using your phone’s ram.
2. Make sure you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
3. Go to battery settings and turn off battery saver and let PUBG use all resources from the battery,
4. Turn on airplane mode so that so that any call doesn’t interrupt your gameplay (Disable True Caller App which shows the name of the name who is calling).
5. Clear all the cache file. By going to Settings>Application manager>All Apps>PUBG mobile>Clear Cache. After clearing cache, restart your phone and launch the game.
6. Make sure your device has enough free internal storage up to 5 GB free.
7. Don’t put your phone on charge while playing PUBG, it will heat your phone and drop fps (Frame per second).
8. Make sure you have the latest version of PUBG installed on your phone.

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Enable Developer Option to Fix PUBG Mobile Lag:

By default, you won’t find developer option in your phone settings. You have to enable it manually by going to about phone and then press on build number for 5 times.
After that open developers option and set

a. Window Animation Scale to 0.5x

b. Transition animation scale to 0.5x

c. Animator Duration scale to 0.5x

Now enable

a. Force GPU rendering

b. Force 4x MSAA

Disable HW Overlays.

Download GFX Tool and Fix PUBG Lag:

You can download PUBG GFX Tool from play store free of cost. This app is designed to unlock HD graphics in PUB and give seem less smooth 60 FPS experience. It will improve your gameplay and you will get more kills in PUBG Mobile easily.  After installing the app do as mentioned below.
1. Select the version of your PUBG Mobile app.
2. Se the optimal resolution according to your smartphone. I will suggest to keep it smooth.  
3. Set FPS (frame per second) generally it is on 60 FPS.
4. Enable GPU option which will improve your gameplay.
5. Once you are satisfied with your settings click on ACCEPT.

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In-App Customisation to Avoid PUBG Lag:

If you are launching the app for the first time then the app will automatically show you the best graphics settings according to your android phone specification.
Open the app and click on settings icon then select graphics.
Change the graphics options to “Smooth”, style to “Classic” and Frame rate to “Low”.
Another pro tip for you selects a server whose ping is low. If you are from India then select Asia Server always as it gives low ping.

Here is a complete guide on how to fix PUBG lag on any Android smartphone. After following all the steps if you are facing lag then I will suggest you uninstall the existing PUBG app and reinstall it. Sometimes improper installation causes unwanted lag in your game.

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