Before You Sell Your Smartphone: Factory Reset Isn’t Enough

If you are planning to sell your old smartphone and buy a new one then you have to do couple of things before selling it. If you want to keep your data secure and sound then let me tell you one factory data reset is not enough. Simple data recovery software can easily recover your phone’s data after factory reset also. So from now one don’t sell your smartphone without doing the following steps.

1.Back up Your Data:

Before selling your smartphone you need to back up everything (photos, videos, and app data). You can back up your photos and videos on your computer manually or you can upload them in cloud. Google photos automatically back up your camera roll’s photos and videos while you are connected to WIFI. Google photos offer unlimited storage up to 20 MP full resolution photos.
If you are doing it manually then connect your phone to computer and copy them to your hard disk.
You can also back up your WIFI password and app settings too. You will find it Settings > Backup & reset > Device backup and check Back up to Google Drive.

2. Back up Call logs, Contacts & Messages:

If you want to back up all your contacts then the easiest way is to import all the contacts and upload it to the google drive. You can also do it from settings of your phone. Just sync all the contacts to your existing Gmail id and you are good to go. When you will sign in to new device with the same Gmail id you will get all the contacts.
You can also separately back up all the call logs and messages of your phone by using an app called SMS back up & Restore. It will back up all your messages & call logs and will upload it to your mail, drive or Dropbox wherever you want.

3. Encrypt your data:

Once you have all your data backed up now it’s time to factory reset your phone. But if you want more security then you can encrypt your data. This means if someone wants to see or decrypt your personal data then they will need password. You can easily encrypt your data by going to Settings > Security > Encrypt phone. Now a days android phones running on Android 6.0 marshmallow or above already have auto encryption available.

4.Double Factory Data Reset:

Yes you need to factory reset your data twice. Make sure all your data is backed up before resetting your phone. Remove the sim cards and SD card (if you don’t want to sell your SD card) then go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and then tap Reset phone. You need to put your phone’s pin to reset your phone. We are not done yet. Because if you hand over your phone like this then anyone can recover your data with simple data recovery software also. Now you have to again fill your phone with Junk files like Movies, Songs, and useless Files which is not related to you at all then again you have to reset your phone.

If you follow these steps then you are completely safe and there is no chance of leaking any of your personal data. 

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