5 Fun Facts About PUBG you should know

Player Unknown's battle Ground or known as PUBG is a battle royale game. In this game 100 players jump from a plane into a battle ground and who survives till the end wins the match.  It first came out on March 23, 2017. Till then there is no looking back. PUBG gets more popularity when its mobile version launched for smartphones PUBGM. According to the gamer community  PUBG has changed the whole gaming industry to a next level. The PS4 version of PUBG has already came out.

You must be pro in this game but I bet you don't know some interesting fun facts about PUBG. You can checkout below to know some awesome and interesting PUBG facts.


You may be won many game in PUBG and seen the motivational phrase WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Ever wondered  what does it mean or where this came from? Let me tell you. Well there are few assumptions about this but most common one is, back in the days in Las Vegas a chicken dinner used to cost around 2 dollars and the minimum bet among the gamblers was 2 dollars. If a gambler wins the game then he had enough money to buy a chicken dinner for himself. From this the phrase  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER comes from.

2. Most Simultaneous Players at once:

Player Unknown's Battle Ground sets a world record which is 1,342,857 players was playing PUBG at the same time which broke the record of Dota 2 (838,516 players).

3.  BOT Fact:

For those who don't know what is BOT. BOTs are generally computerized character which are not original player. This happens to minimize the waiting time to get a match in PUBG. According to the source there is around 70 percent BOTs in every game that means in 100 players only 30 players are real. BOTs don't jump from plane the spawn randomly in the map. So if you see any squad while jumping from plane be cautious because they are real players.

4. Erangle is Russia!:

Currently PUBG has four maps Erangle, Miranmar, Sanhok, Vikendi (Snow Map).

a. School is inspired by a original location Chernobyl from Russia.

b. Shelter is similar to real life abandoned storage of nuclear weapons Feodosia-13 which is from Ukraine.

c. Next is Georgopool which is similar to Kalingrad, Russia.

d. Military base is designed according to real life place Duga radar which is again from Russia.

So we can say that Erangle is mainly inspired by Russia.
Similarly Sanhok map came from islands of Thailand & Philippines whose main theme is jungle and rain forest.

5. Zero Investment for Marketing:

PUBG is so popular that you may think that PUBG makers has spent a lot of money to promote this game but this is not true. According to the officials of PUBG they haven't spent a single penny to promote their game which incredible. Inspite of this PUBG is so popular across the globe.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. If you know any other fact then do share with me in the comment box below. Keep reading.

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